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Personal Philosophy

On February 29, 1948, Richard Wurmbrand was imprisoned for fourteen years and subjected to medieval torture for his work in the Christian Underground. In God’s Underground, Wurmbrand tells of “a nice lad” named Josif who was arrested while fleeing Romania to live with his sister in Germany. Following his arrest, the Secret Police put him under the guard of trained dogs, which leaped at him if he moved, snapping at his throat. Next Josif was accused of being a spy and taken to Bucharest to be tortured for information he did not possess. After that he was taken to a forced labor camp where he starved and contracted TB. Finally he was contained at Tirgul-Ocna where he met Wurmbrand and confessed, “I hate God!”

Wurmbrand befriended the lad and upon learning that Josif hoped to go to America taught him to speak English by translating New Testament verses from a smuggled Bible. From what he learned, Josif eventually said, “We have read nearly everything Jesus said now, but still I wonder what He was like to know as a man.” Wurmbrand who had spent two and half years in Room Four, a place where prisoners were taken to die, told of “a pastor there who would give away everything he had – his last bit of bread, his medicine, the coat from his back. I have given these things also sometimes,” said Wurmbrand, “when I wanted them for myself. But at other times when men were hungry and sick and in need I could be very quiet; I didn’t care. This other pastor was really Christlike. You felt that just the touch of his hand could heal and calm. One day he talked to a small group of prisoners and one asked him the question you have asked me: ‘What is Jesus like? I have never met anyone like the man you describe, so good and loving and truthful.’ And the other pastor replied, in a moment of great courage, simply and humbly, ‘Jesus is like me.’ And the man, who had often received kindness from the pastor, answered, smiling, ‘If Christ was like you, then I love Him.’ The times when one may say such a thing as that, Josif, are very rare. But to me that is what it means to be Christian. To believe in Him is not such a great thing. To become like Him is truly great.  Josif replied to Wurmbrand, ‘Pastor, if Jesus is like you, then I love Him, too.’ There was innocence and peace in his gaze.”

It is doubtful that I will ever be able to simply and humbly say, “Jesus is like me.” I too often act in ways that are unbecoming to Jesus. Though the goal is lofty for one so weak, I endeavor to become like Him.

Wurmbrand, R. (2004). In God’s underground. Bartlesville: Living Sacrifice Book